Elected Officials/Individuals

Allegheny County Council, At-Large

Bethany Hallam

"District 20 is a safe Democratic seat that should be leading the fight for the progressive policies that we want to see in our state. There are too many problems to fix to wait on a representative who's silent. Emily's experience as a lawyer and a decade of working on our state's biggest issues means she will be ready to lead this fight on day one." - Bethany Hallam
Allegheny County Council, District 13

Liv Bennett

"I have seen Emily Kinkead everywhere. She has been out in the district and stands for any community that has been marginalized. I know she will do the same representing this district as State Rep." - Liv Bennett
Pittsburgh City Council, District 1

Bobby Wilson

"It is more important than ever to change the status quo. The Democratic Party in southwestern Pennsylvania is at a crossroads. Every choice we make as Democrats today matters. In the HD-20 race for State Representative, Emily Kinkead is the right choice. Emily is a brilliant lawyer who is well-versed in the issues that affect my constituents. She has a long history of fighting for the marginalized, the underserved, working families, criminal justice reform, and LGBTQIA+ rights. A former president of the Pitt Law Democrats, Emily got involved in politics in 2004 to fight for LGBTQIA+ equality. As a lawyer, she has advocated for the rights of HIV+ individuals, low-income tenants, criminal defendants, and immigrants seeking asylum. She has amassed over a decade of policy experience in campaign finance reform, disability rights, healthcare reform, and workers’ and unemployment compensation. Why do we need to send her to Harrisburg? We need an ally in Harrisburg who will fight hard for clean air and water for all Pittsburghers. We need an ally in Harrisburg who will fight for affordable housing for all Northsiders. We need an ally in Harrisburg who will fight blight all across my Council District. We need an ally in Harrisburg who will fight for equitable public transportation for my constituents. And we need an ally in Harrisburg who will champion reforms to the systems that we need to change to make life fairer and better for all of us. All of us Northsiders are proud of where we come from. Emily Kinkead is a native Northsider and, as a fifth-generation Northsider, I am tremendously proud to call her my friend because she shares the values and work ethic that define the North Side. Today, I ask you to join me in giving her our full support for State Representative in HD-20. See you on the campaign trail!" - Bobby Wilson
Former Candidate, Allegheny County District Attorney

Lisa Middleman

"What impressed me most about Emily was not only her understanding of criminal justice issues or her willingness to talk about those issues, but her absolute dedication to making the changes that we need to make to benefit real people who struggle and suffer and don't have to." - Lisa Middleman
Pittsburgh City Council, District 8

Erika Strassburger

"When I met Emily, I was struck by her obvious dedication to public service. She is someone who works to understand the needs of marginalized communities and will work to make life better for all of her constituents." - Erika Strassburger